Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cap Sleeved Toddler Vest

This vest fits about a 2t size. Very easy pattern.

I use US10 16" circular needles for the entire project.

I also used a bulky yarn, but I have used worsted as well.

I cast on 64.

Knit around in k1p1 for approximately 2.5 inches.
Then double your stiches by knitting one and then making 1 all the way around.
Knit for another inch and a half or so.
At the beginning of the next round cast off 26, then knit 38, then cast off 26, and knit 38.
At this point you will need to cast on 7 stitches and join and continue knitting in the round, knit 38 and cast on 7 more stitches. Continue knitting in the round. Once you have created your arm holes in this way and joined the body by knitting in the round, continue until the desired length is obtained. You can cast off and have a rolled hem, or you can rib the bottom. I choose to k2p2. If you do not rib make sure you make the shirt longer so that when it rolls at the bottom it will still be long enough. Weave in ends and you are done.