Saturday, June 30, 2012

Funfetti Cool-Whip Sandwiches

While browsing pinterest...not that I do that a lot or anything...I found the best idea ever. Funfetti yogurt dip. The recipe is here on this blog. I made the yogurt dip and dipped green apples into it. It was the most amazing thing ever. Funfetti is basically the only type of cake that I will eat. Seriously. Why waste time on anything else. After I made the yogurt dip I had a mostly unused bag of funfetti cake mix, so I was wondering what to do with it. This is what I came up with: Funfetti Ice Cream Sandwiches.
I took a tub of defrosted cool-whip and then mixed a bunch of the cake mix into it. I didn't exactly measure. It was less than half of a bag. Once is was all mixed up I spooned it out onto some graham cracker halves, and then topped them with another half. I popped them in the freezer for an hour. You might could do it less or more. They were delicious. I will honestly say they are not as delicious as the yogurt dip with the apples, but still it was a good way to use up the rest of the cake mix without baking anything.
So I have seen some similar pillows on pinterest and in a few pictures. I am in to all things cameo and I love projects that involve my own children's silhouettes, so I thought this would be a great DIY project. Here is what I did. Things you will need: felt for silhouette printer camera scissors spray adhesive/ or fabric glue sewing machine stuffing for your pillow needle and thread fabric for your pillow Start out by taking a picture a side profile picture of your subject
Something like this. Let me add that it can be really hard to get a toddler to cooperate with you on this, and it might need bribery. Next print out your picture. I printed it out 8 x 10 size. So that the image would be big, but you can print whatever size will look best for your needs.
My printer is running low on ink in case you are wondering why the picture looks so bad. Next cut out your image. Be very careful cutting around the details of the nose and mouth. You want to get that as accurate as you can. The rest of the image you can can or doctor up and cut it however you want the hair to look. The picture I took didn't look that aesthetically pleasing around the pony tail, so I cut the pony tail a little different.
Next lay you image on top of felt color of your choice. I used felt because I didn't want the edges of regular fabric to unravel. There are ways that you could use fabric and fusible interfacing and such to do the same thing but I'm lazy, and so that will not be included in this tutorial.
Cut out your image, again be careful around the facial features. I traced the hole of the pony tail and then cut it out after I had already removed the paper from the felt. Did that make sense? Or you could not cut out that little part.
I cut two pieces of fabric in the size and shape that I wanted the silhouette mounted on. I like to use a rotary cutter for this, but you can use scissors. The rotary cutter just makes things a whole lot easier to get your edges and your fabric straight.
I like to use a spray adhesive on the back of the felt, and then stick the felt to the desired place on one of the fabric rectangles. You could use fabric glue of any kind, or I guess that you could pin the felt in place, but I would recommend using the glue so that you don't risk the felt slipping into the wrong place. This will hold it in place when you topstitch around the outside of the felt.
Once you are done stitching the felt to the fabric then put your two rectangles of fabric print side together and stitch around the outsides of the pillow leaving a small opening to turn the pillow case right side out.
Before you turn the pillow case right side out it is beneficial to clip the corners so that when you turn it the fabric wont bunch in the corners.
Next turn you fabric and then stuff it.
Next use your needle and thread to stitch the opening closed.
That's it. You're done! Hope you enjoy.