Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Possy and Posette

I recently finished what I think is a hilarious representation of the fictional grandparents of my stuffed pet possum.  Yes, in my mind I have a fantastic family tree for the little guy.  I have this framed heirloom is posted proudly on my bedroom wall, where little Possy and I can admire it and retell the old stories of days gone by.

More to Come

Well it has been about two years.  Which is way too long.  It has just been really hard for me to actually get on the computer with a decent internet connection.  Wether you can believe it or not, there are actually places in the US that still do not have high speed internet.  Yeah, so I end up having to tether to my cell phone connection, and only recently have I had unlimited data over the hotspot connection.  This means hopefully I can finally use this blog again, and post some of the cool things I've been doing.    We will see........
Here is a little sample of one of the things I got into this summer.