Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hello Kitty

Here is the Hello Kitty that I recently made for my kids. The dress I have here in the picture is a little bit too long. I'm also planning on redoing it with a little hole in the back for her tail to fit through. For now though this will work. Here is the pattern for Kitty and her dress.

Round Number of stitches in round
2 12
3 18
4 24
5 30
6 36
7 42
8 48
9 54
10-12 60
13-20 66
21 60
22 54
23 42
24 36
25 24
26 18
27 12

Make 2
1 4
2 8
3 12
4-5 16

2 12
3 18
4 28
5 30
6 36
7 42
8-11 48
12-14 42
15-16 36
17-18 30
19-22 24
23-24 18

1 Make 2
2 12
3 18
4-5 24
6-8 30
9-13 24
14-16 20
17-20 16

1 Make 2
2 12
3-4 18
5-6 24
7 18
8 Sc twice in first sc, sc 4 times in next sc, sc twice in next sc, sc rest of the way around.
9 Sc in first 3 sc, 2 sc in each of the next 5 sc, sc rest of the way around.
10 Sc in first 3 sc, dec 5 times, sc rest of the way around.
11 Dec, dec 4 sc all at the same time, dec, sc rest of the way around.
12 18

2 12
3 18
4-8 24
9 18
Bow Not worked in rounds
1 Chain 11, sc in second chain from hook, sc across.
2-3 Ch 1, turn, sc across
Sc around the outside of the rectangle for two rounds. Finish off.
Next make 6 sc in a loop.
Then 2 sc in each of the six sc. Finish off. This will be the circle you place in the middle of the bow or you can just wrap the center of the bow in yarn.

Kitty is crocheted by working rounds based on increases and decreases that occur six times per round. If you have never followed a crochet pattern from a chart like this you should think of it like this:

Round 3/ 18 stitches = (sc, 2 sc in next sc) x 6

(Number of stitches desired) divided by 6 = (number stitch you will increase or decrease on) + 1

If you know the round has 42 stitches then divide 42 by 6 to get 7 so you know you will increase of the sixth stitch to make 7 stitches x 6 = 42 stitches.

I hope that made a little bit of sense.

The only time in this pattern that this will not work is on the legs. On round 14 I decrease by 4 rather than by 6. I decreased every 5th stitch. Then on round 17 I decreased every 4th stitch.

Hello Kitty’s dress

Cast on 40 stitches onto a 16 “ circular needle size 8
Knit in garter stitch, turning and not joining for about an inch.
In this garter stitched portion about 3 rows in you need to knit 3 stitches at the beginning of the row and then yarn over and knit the next 2 stitches together. This will create a button hole.
Knit 5, cast off 10, knit 10, cast off 10, knit 5, turn
Knit 5, cast on 10, knit 10, cast on 10, knit 5, turn
Knit all the way across, turn.
Knit in front and back of stitch all the way across so that you have increased from 40 to 80 stitches. Join this time instead of turning.
Knit all the way around.
Begin stockinette stitch and continue in this manner for 3”, then garter stitch for another inch. Then cast off project.


  1. Very cool. You did an amazing job.

  2. cute hello kitty but i just do not completely understand the directions.

    1. My guess is that the pattern would work something like this:

      get 6 sc {I would use the magic circle, but that's my preference}
      r2 2sc in each sc (12)
      r3 *sc, 2sc in sc* repeat around (18)
      r4 *sc, sc, 2sc in sc* repeat around (24)

      and so on and so forth.

      I'm no expert, but that would be guess as to how this pattern works.

      Kelly - did I explain it properly?

    2. Yes that is exactly right. I'm sorry that I have never gotten on here and clarified the pattern instructions.

  3. thank you for this great pattern!! i looked for so long time for a good kitty pattern for free and now i have found yours!!

    now i am ready with the doll - and she is sooo cute!!

    thank you very much for this great pattern!!
    thanks, greetings pez

  4. There are lines missing from the arm pattern?

  5. Hi! I'm in the process of making this Kitty. Just realized that the arms stop right after the thumbs ( there really aren't any arms ) So, I'm gonna dec by 6 on Rnd 13, and sc each Rnd for another 7 Rnds. Bringing the total rnds to 20 instead of 12. I'm not a knitter, so I'm going to wing it crocheting a dress...Let you know how it turns out

    1. Yes I believe that I just continued the arms with the same number of stitches until the arms were the length I needed. But I may have decreased like you said. Let me know how it goes?

    2. Hi,Kelly! Finished my kitty. She turned out great! Probably shouldn't have dec in the arms after the thumbs( just a tiny bit skinny lol ) but she still looks good. Her dress came out good too! Thank-you so much for the pattern, my niece is gonna love you for it!!

  6. Hello Kelly,
    are the arms pattern right now so I can start directly crochetingfrom your pattern? I want to make two Hello Kittys for twin girls having their first birthday on 27th of october, I have to hurry up. I love your Kitty with the extra knitted dress, I've made already two from armina's ami-nals, but the legs are very tiny on her pattern and the gown is directly crocheted on body. The pattern I bought from elizza, Hello Kitty angel with heart, has no good proportions, the arms are too small (or the head too big?). I've made two from Armina, and the second one was made from me with two dresses for changing. Little girls love changing clothes, isn't it? I've got two boys, 15 and 20 yo, they only played a little time with dolls.

    Are you from GB or from USA? I asked for the dress needles,in USA needle size 8 means 5mm, in GB size 8 means 4 mm.
    Thanks for sharing your cute pattern

  7. It appears that line 4 of the body is incorrect - it should be 24, no?

  8. On end 4 of body did you increase in the 6 the stitch for 28 or is this a typo? The arms I also continued until they looked long enough.
    Can you please clarify so I know if I am following your pattern because only numbers, not written.
    Thanks in advance

  9. On rnd 4 of body did you increase in the 6 the stitch to get 28 or is this a typo? I also continued with the arms until they looked long enough.
    Please can you clarify this because only numbers,not written pattern and she's so cute.
    Thanks in advance