Sunday, July 29, 2012

Greatest Baby Announcements on Earth

We finally have a new baby!!!  After what seemed like a super long wait, and tons of attempts at natural inductions our newest family member was forced from his snug little cocoon and into the world.   Now, how to tell all of his eager fans?  Well here is what my mother and I came up with.

We made a trip to the store and picked up a bunch of movie theatre candy boxes, cracker jacks, and Barnum's Animal Cracker boxes.  Then we printed out a picture of the new baby with all his stats onto a 2x4 sticky label and slapped them onto the boxes.  Each label has a catchy title that corresponds to the type of candy or snack.

I decided to put the labels on the back of the boxes rather than on the front, but of course it would be good either way. We chose these titles:
Junior Mints: Welcoming our Little Junior
Reese's pieces: We Love Him to Pieces
Sugar Babies: Our Sugar Baby
Cracker Jack: Cracker Jack of a Baby
SweetTarts:  Our New Sweetheart
Hot Tamales:  One Hot Tamale
Animal Crackers:  Greatest Baby on Earth (absolutely my favorite because I love the little boxes, and our "Greatest Baby" goes perfect with the Greatest Show on Earth.)

I think we did pretty good coming up with the right favors to hand out to guests coming to visit our new little guy.  The new dad insisted on having some more traditional favors, so we also printed out some It's a Boy labels with the same pictures and stats onto card-stock, and tying these business card size announcements to cigars with It's a Boy ribbon.  I'm glad we can now contribute to all our loved ones less than healthy habits.  Come visit our baby and we will either help you get fat off sugary candy, or you can coat your lungs with carcinogens.  Which ever.  Ha.  Happy Birth-Day.  What's life if you can't celebrate with indulgences?

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